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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Smash - A Different Kind Of Deflationary Token

Smash is one of the very first deflationary crypto-currencies, which plans on solving the problem of constant fall in price, experienced in the crypto-currency market.

It plans on using the full quality of deflationary coins, by burning a little percentage of the Smash token, on each transaction, in order to limit it is supply and then, increase its market worth.

The burn per trade with all the Smash token, is just 2%,reducing the total amount of Smash token in circulation,thus boosting the cost.

Unlike other deflationary crypto-currencies which are not used for real life instances, Smash token has a real-life use-case.

That is observed in how the Smart token will be a deflationary token for charity.

It's the interest of the worldwide population in mind, which is why it is intended to be alleviate the pains and anguish of the international people, by being based on charity.

To achieve this aim of supplying the needy and removing lack and poverty in the whole planet, Smash is currently creating a fully decentralized system, which is going to be a outlook for the accomplishment of the charity work.

With this stage, users and supporters of this system interactive, to be able to forward the job and help enhance the entire worldwide system.

The Smash Token

The Smash token is the deflationary crypto-currency that will be used to eliminate poverty and suffering in the worldwide system, through its charity work.

It's a entire supply of 1 million tokens, using a burn rate of 2%, as a deflationary token, to maintain its market price.


Smash is just what's needed in this moment, to improve the global financial scenario and bring about financial freedom.
It's not the same sort of deflationary token, which centers around helping individuals, therefore outperforming other deflationary tokens in the crypto area.

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