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Wednesday, 28 August 2019


ELAD Tech Ltd. is a property management company supported by the most innovative technology. We are a professional and diverse team situated in London, trying to disrupt the real estate business, bring investment and exchange Peer 2 Peers to a single place.

Our innovative developer team, experienced real estate professionals, and Blockchain fans collectively build the next generation real estate platform.

We think everyone should have access to affordable homes, but many do not even know where to begin. Our objective is to open access to markets that were previously inaccessible and give people the opportunity to cultivate their money with the current market, while cutting intermediaries to create better profits for our clients. Our secondary market is going to be decentralized, in accordance with our beliefs and values to provide people complete control of their own assets.

ELAD Network accelerates commercial and residential properties which are prepared to rent.

How It Works?

Fractional ownership is a method where some unrelated parties may share, and reduce risk, possession of high-value tangible assets, usually jets, cruise ships, or resort real estate. This can be achieved for monetary reasons, but usually there are quite a few personal accesses involved. One of the principal motivators for fractional buys is the ability to split the expense of maintaining assets which will not be used full time by one proprietor.

Every single effort requires some sort of direction, to handle regulations and rules (agreed upon prior to the faction is bought ) and to maintain assets in accordance with those stated in the ownership document. In general, management will oversee the daily operations of over one property, although it isn't necessary. Single fractional assets could be handled by a single entity. Every owner is guaranteed a sum ascertained from access to resources, which could usually be used or provided to the public for a charter or lease, income is usually shared between the management company and the fractional owner. Additionally, every owner pays some of yearly management fees and upkeep, relative to the proportion of ownership.

Easily build varied portfolios, either get a cryptocurrency or fiat money from your own portfolio earnings, while maintaining your initial investment on the property safely.

ELAD Token

The ELAD Token is built on the ERC20 standard, this is cryptocurrency used to participate in Real Estate transactions on the ELAD Network investment platform. ELAD tokens can be obtained during the selling of our crowd or exchanged for cryptocurrency exchanges after the sale ends.

ELAD Network Revenue is for traders who want a crypto money that may grow using a use case or have access to the first Real Estate offer on an online platform. The usage of ELAD tokens is a real estate trade, any ELAD tokens which can be applied through an internet platform give you the right to obtain equity and return on property.

The role of selling initial tokens is to build an online platform and get real estate selected from ELAD Network property experts, all real estate will likely be provided to investors through online platforms, this will increase the worth of ELAD tokens when constructing real estate networks.

Sales Event

100 million ELAD tokens have been printed on a fixed inventory. Any remaining reserves and tokens can be saved or “burned” after the sale of tokens that can also change available supplies.


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BTT PROFILE URL :;u=1002521
ETH : 0x76F1Bd6CAf25B7df0a24A105fd78dCF4b09d4D50

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