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Thursday, 29 August 2019

BlockSafe - Securing the Blockchain Ecosystem

With any industry experiencing growth, there will always be individuals who seem to be wealthy behind others. The cryptocurrency industry has seen repeated themes over the previous two decades -- Theft. In 2018 we've seen hundreds of millions of dollars stolen. This does not include unreported losses. Though we seek interoperability, it definitely causes major problems. Achieving this, and the convenience attracted, we continue to present new gateways for unwanted system violations and entries. Between mobile, cloud computers and services, our information is fragmented in a dangerous manner. Safe solutions are needed to maintain this growing industry. Although this may be a challenging task, since technology is growing daily, it needs to be carried out.

Estimated damage not known for portfolio users is more than $350 million. If your pocket is hacked, you will not be able to return money and sue anybody.

There's a cold and hot portfolio on cryptographic exchangers. The user's secret key is saved in the pocket, in addition to the key exchange key. Most keys are stored offline in the chest (chilly pocket ). Some keys are stored on a host that's connected to the Web (dynamic wallet) to ease transactions. This server is subject to data piracy, just as with other hacker attacks.

Exchange Defender includes two products designed to protect the internal encryption exchange system. CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID ™ ™ shield computers and mobile devices from keyboard capture, screenshots and click strikes. ProtectID® provides access to internal systems using two-factor out-of-band authentication.

The Blockchain Defender functions as a gateway between personal programs and blockchain. It scans every single message, checks whether it is authorized according to company policies and rules, scans data area content such as malware, and verifies the authenticity of transactions through ProtectID®. It may also send blockchain messages to the company system or other blockchain through the proper gateway.

BlockSafe Feature:

- Encryption of keystrokes, Avoid the introduction of malware spyware. Now with password recognition, the secret key will be encrypted using a high-security algorithm.

- Protection against copying to the clipboard, Avoid the addition of malware to monitor the clipboard. This averts any kind of address when you send a cryptocurrency transaction.

- Anti-screen catch, Prevent secret screenshots for dangerous screenshots.

- Anti-Clickjacking. This is a hacker's favourite technique, with the help of clicking on certain links to load malicious applications.

Problem With Blockhcain Technology

Together with almost any company experiencing expansion, there will always be people who seem to be rich behind the the others. The crypto currency market has noticed perennial themes within the past two years -- Theft. By 2018 we have understood tens of thousands of tens of thousands of bucks stolen. This will not even consist of unreported losses. Much although we are searching for interoperability, it undoubtedly causes big troubles. Obtaining this, and the advantage attracted, we are still present new gateways for unwanted system violations and entrances. Between cellular, cloud computers and services, our advice is more fragmented at a dangerous manner. Safe and sound services are required to keep up with the growth with this market. Even though this could be considered a tough job, since tech keeps growing by day, it needs to be carried out.

Token Details of Blocksafe

1. Symbol: BSAFE

2. Delivery Tokens: 120,000,000

3. HUNDRED Distribution: 64%

4. Distribution Date: TBD


BTT USERNAME : JahriMeayer
BTT PROFILE URL :;u=1002521
ETH : 0x76F1Bd6CAf25B7df0a24A105fd78dCF4b09d4D50

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