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Monday, 1 October 2018

MUST, a Platform That Allows for Exchange of Value Using Token

Each and every transaction is all about the exchange of value, regardless whether the transaction involves goods, services or even information. Today, information is something valuable. It is commoditized at the same level as goods and services. The transaction process is, unfortunately, complex. MUST is a platform that aims to make today’s transaction become even easier.

What Is MUST?

It is a platform that aims to provide its users with the capability of exchange of value from the real world to the digital world. The exchange of value from the two worlds will be facilitated by the tokenization of rights. The platform will also utilize the blockchain technology and provide developers with a safe, cross-functional framework.

The Requirements for Tokenization of Rights

There are two necessary requirements that need to be met if tokenization of rights is to succeed. The first requirement is proper regulations from the legal system. Currently, the regulations regarding tokenization of rights are still inadequate. Fortunately, the legal catalyst already exists. It is a matter of time before we get proper regulations regarding tokenization of rights.

The second requirement is trust. Trust is crucial as, without it, no one will want to exchange value even if the proper regulations already existed. The platform realizes that trust can be built by providing reliable and up to date information about the value of assets and how their value is determined. This too is a matter of time.

The Problems in Tokenization of Rights

There are two main problems in the tokenization of rights. The first problem is the currently low level of digital identification technologies. Proper identification have to be done if an object is to be valued. While the technology already exists, it is still inaccessible for most people and businesses. If not addressed, this will hinder the progress of tokenization.

The second problem is the lack of standards and infrastructures.  Tokenization of rights is a complicated process. Due to this, the process requires proper standards as well as infrastructures. Unfortunately, both standards and infrastructures are lacking today despite the advance in technology. Without proper standards and infrastructures, tokenization of rights can’t be done optimally.

Solutions to the Problems

MUST will solve the two problems of tokenization. The first problem is solved by creating a digital identity. The platform uses a tokenization algorithm that will create a digital copy of the asset. This digital copy will be associated with the real asset using IoT and Open API technologies. 

As tokenization of rights also requires standard, the platform will present a universal standard for tokenization. This standard is based on the decentralization principles as well as division of monitoring, evaluation, and audit functions. Using these, the platform ensures transparency and availability of real-time information regarding assets and the rights to them.

The platform has the required infrastructure for tokenization of rights. Within the platform, the tokenization of rights will be done seamlessly. There is also the fact that many IT engineers around the world that are working on the development and implementation of tokenization technologies. As such, the tokenization process will have better infrastructures in the near future.

Benefits of Using MUST

The platform offers various benefits for various kind of users. For the individuals, the platform allows for personal asset management. With it, the individuals’ assets will have increased liquidity, including assets that usually have low liquidity such as country houses, apartments, or car. The transactions of these assets will be secure as well.

For micro, small, and medium businesses, the platform allows them to raise fund. Within the platform, low liquidity assets become highly liquid assets. Due to this, micro, small, and medium business can attract potential investors in the capital market to finance them. These businesses will also have the access to debt financing with favorable terms and without intermediaries.

For investors, the platform opens a whole new opportunity for them to invest. The association between tokenized rights and real assets provides a high level of transparency as well as risks predictability. With the investor-friendly environment, the platform enables investors to invest in a secure, transparent, and relatively predictable capital market.


The platform issues tokens known as Main Universal Standard of Tokenization. It will be sold USD 0.04 per token. The soft cap of the token is set to USD 6.7 million while the hard cap is set to USD 14 million. There will be 500,000,000 tokens issued with 350,000,000 will be available for sale.


BTT USERNAME : JahriMeayer
BTT PROFILE URL :;u=1002521
ETH : 0x73dDCA9F4d7829994Ef2014F3A8CddCa60783Be9

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