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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Lynked.World - Lynking World Through Blockchain is to drive a principle to cope with the trust challenge in digital identities, data and documents through the blockchain based on the application platform. The will give motivation to contribute for another version of the web 3.0. The company has aim that to complete with a multi-faceted solution and also provide decentralized application to be used by consumers.

The stages of development are in component various such as digital identity and verification platform, digital wallet, application platform and verified and trusted professional network. The main function of ecosystem is influenced by users that create a digital profile in platform with different educational, professional history etc. digital wallet can make your documents such as passport etc can be stored in mobile device and you can share with other by QR codes.

Key Features Of The Application Platform 

1. control, ownership and security of data: application platform is built with the security and the structure of the data creased and shared by users in this platform. this company also give the users control over their data, documents etc. 

2. Dynamic profile/configurable forms: 
the user can visit the profile of the organization and can apply the various services available by digital and application form. The user can create easily the forms in application. 
-Support for independent applications: application platform have a support system by external organization and third parties.

3. Q-APP: 
this Q-APP gives service for example to stimulate a serve working. The feature is easy to service to different kinds of auction, unique, verified transactions on the platform etc. 

4. Multi signature contract:
the company has multi signature contracts according to Ethereum blockchain. The features can sign off on the go on mobile device, signature capture using QR codes etc. 

5. Blockchain based e-voting: 
e-voting provides a blockchain based voting system that makes the completely secure. 

6. Blockchai based e-Auction:
 in Auction app build on block chain technology. This app has elements namely trust and reliability. 

7. Access to identity and other API’s: 
the features of API’s, API/plugin on website using digital identity through verification. The second API’s for accessing various other component such as configurable forms, professional network and job portal. 

Token of The

The has own token, it called as LYNK token. This token uses the ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum platform. The token balances and transfer will be tracked by The token will be used for exchange of value for services and incentivizing participants, for rewarding users participating in community, for payment of fee to Lynked.World using service features such as digital ID cards etc.

Types of account in the platform, there are three categories namely basic, standard and premium. The total token issue is 500 million of the total available tokens. The token will distribute for advisors team, seed investors, marketing, token sale, founders and management. The token also is allocated to the Founders and management in projects. 

Token sale in this company divided into two sales, they are private sale and public sale. The public token sale will start on 15th November 2018 and continue until 10th February 2019. The budget allocation will be used for development 30%, marketing about 50%, operations 17% and legal 3%. 

In the give rewards system and LBD or Lynk Boost Dollars. This reward system and LBD is given for contributors in the ecosystem and as promotion. Currently, there are three LBD token can be earned as reward namely creation, motivation and participation. Each item has different actions. 

In creation, the create account on platform, complete the profile in platform, and content creators. For motivation, when the contributor referring platform and sharing posting outside the ecosystem. 

The last is participation, the contributors will get reward when the contributors participate in discussion, comment on blogs and join survey and give polls. There is a special reward program for onboarding new users in 

The reward will give when the user visits the” refer a friend section”, the receiver of the email click on the link, if the new user get another user for the platform etc. The Lynked. 

World has expert team and advisor team also. Arun Kumar as a founder and CEO, Debashis Biswas as global strategy advisors , Rishi as a chief technology officer etc. the partner of is national commission for women, India, the institute of cost accountants of India etc. 


BTT USERNAME : JahriMeayer
BTT PROFILE URL :;u=1002521
ETH : 0x73dDCA9F4d7829994Ef2014F3A8CddCa60783Be9

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