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Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Great Protection Offered by GSC Aviation Technology

Unlike other cryptocurrency types, GSC Aviation is offering a platform that is reliable in updating information like financial strength, quality standards, payment terms, delivery terms, prices, part specifications, and service specifications provided by suppliers to help the aeronautical professionals. Those who are in critical sectors such as aviation, it is important to know all parts of the source.

Information is the key for a success and safe aviation. That’s why GSC Aviation is here. GSC believes they are able to provide network of suppliers and manufacturers. GSC Aviation is also designed to provide reliable data, secure transactions, and also self-executing contracts. Moreover, GSC Aviation is also effective in increasing efficiency and reducing cost because of no central trusted party needed.

Contracts, records, transactions, and data will all be recorded in permanent and secure way. This lets the users of GSC Aviation platform to trace and audit the recorded data anytime they need. If aeronautical professionals are used to follow some paper based processes like shipping and billing that are not only slow but repetitive, they must consider using GCC Aviation which comes with faster processes.

Intermediaries’ participation like insurers and bankers will be minimized. Sounds like GSC Aviation is an excellent solution, but is it really needed? Aeronautical professionals can use RFID technology if they want to track parcels, why do they have to consider using blockchain technology? Unfortunately, information that’s shared between different stakeholders won’t be optimal.

When RFID technology meets blockchain, the data that has been recorded in blockchain will be sealed by RFID. This lets vendor providing complete details of freight transportation’s timing, conditions, processing, origin, and authenticity to manufacturer. Just like other cryptocurrency platforms, GSC Aviation is going to offer a specific platform with outstanding features. First of them is the live chat feature.

Live chat feature which is going to be used in GSC Aviation platform will troubleshoot the slow communication. Another feature allows user to track supplier’s performance to monitor the supply chain in easier way. The most stunning feature so far is the PUSH model which makes information comes directly to customers.

Simplicity in Aviation by the Help of GSC Aviation

Finding suppliers for aviation can be complicated. Research and discovery needed. Then the process will be followed by sorting data and analyzing the data. Those processes can be so long and tiring. Luckily, GSC platform is designed to gather all suppliers’ identity cards. Then buyers can access those cards in their dashboard.  All identity cards gathered by GSC Aviation will be very detailed and helpful.

Some data customers will find in suppliers’ identity cards provided by GSC Aviation are including logistical data, accounting data, economic data, legal, quality, and commercial. By the specific data customers can access quickly and easily, the time belonged to discovery can be minimized and their job can be done faster. Below there’ll be some extraordinary features that ease aeronautical customers.

A feature called live chat connects suppliers and customers. This feature will be added in order to fasten the communication between supplier and potential customer. Next feature called search module allows customers to search product by part number or keyword. Soon GSC Aviation is going to complement search module with supplier’s contact detail including phone and email of supplier.

Unique feature promised by GSC Aviation is called rating. In this feature customers are allowed to give rating and comment to suppliers. Rating and comment can help suppliers being the best supplier by being on top of search. Next awesome feature is also rating but this one is given by suppliers to their customers. Suppliers are allowed to rate their customers based on their paying ability.

Customers who can pay on time will get high rating while those who are late in making payments will get low rating. The ratings for customers here are designed to show other suppliers about the customers’ creditworthiness. Tracking is another feature customers will get to monitor their suppliers. And there’ll be dashboard which is private space for each customer. This is where customers can keep information.

Fifteen percent of aircraft accidents are caused by defective part while seven percent is by failure in quality monitoring of the logistics. Blockchain technology is used by GSC Aviation in order to keep the safety by providing wondrous traceability of the entire equipment. GSC Aviation is promising total guarantee for all airlines and MROs security.


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