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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Taste the New Audio Guided Experience with Navibration Experiences

Navibration Experiences is going to build multiplatform tool using the blockchain technology. The new experience in social networking can be tasted in smartphones, tablets, and desktop. Navibration Experiences’ users are going to create the content simply by following four steps. Fifth step which is the final step will be the Navibration itself.

The five steps that will create the route will start with itinerary. In this step user will create itinerary of the content he wants to make in the Navibration Experiences. Next step will be text, it is where the user is responsible to write the route’s content. Third step is the language. User must translate his route’s content in this step (when necessary). And then user is going to record route’s audios in the fourth step.

Finally, there will be edition step. This is when the Navibration Team edits user’s final audios before setting the route so it can be sold in the Navibration Experiences. Audios become truly important here since Navibration Experiences is social network that’s decentralized and having routes that are audio-guided. A user is allowed to take care of some steps if he has necessary audio skills and knowledge.

Navibration Experiences’ Token

Navibration Experiences is preparing token that will have some fundamental role in the social network that’s being developed. At first, this token will be a key for Navibration Experiences to reward their users. Besides, Navibration Experiences’ users will be required to have tokens in order to access full Navibration Experiences’ functionality. Some actions will require users to user their tokens.

Tokens are needed during the content creation and community moderation. Content review and actions rate or vote will not require users to use their tokens. Navibration Experiences’ tokens will grant the entire privileges. Accessing important actions will be granted only if the users have tokens in possession with certain age. Moreover, tokens are definitely needed if users want to earn rewards.

Navibration Experiences is about to reward users only if the users keep fifty percent or more of tokens they obtained for the entire rewards. When users are about to let go fifty percent or more of tokens that have been rewarded to them for contributions, those users are not going to get more rewards anymore. Rewards can be obtained again when users acquire tokens that let them meet requirement.

Next benefit of using the tokens from Navibration Experiences is the ability to pay less. Current products and future products from Navibration will be thirty percent cheaper when users buy those products using Navibration’s tokens. Also, there are exclusive offers and packs users can purchase only when they buy using the token.

Objectives of Navibration Experiences

Navibration Experiences comes with few essential objectives. First one will be the blockchain ecosystem. This multiplatform will be very first decentralized audio-guided routes ecosystem in the world. Navibration Experiences have technical and human resources that are necessary in making their dream come true. Also, amount of experiences users will get will keep growing over the upcoming few months.

One objective owned by Navibration Experiences is to ensure that fifty of the most important regions in this world will be available in the catalogue of Nabibration Experiences by the upcoming summer. Navibration Experiences will also have Navibration Watch that is first wearable smart watch that’s based on navigation system enabled by the vibration.

The unique and outstanding smartwatch that will be released by Navibration system is allowing users to navibrate anywhere and perform the routes that are guided by audio directly with the watch. Another unique this is the other wearable that’s designed to help blind users and users who are impaired visually.  There will be walking stick that is going to function similarly to Navibration smart watch.

This October to November the public presale will be followed by public sale that’s held on November to December. On December Navibration Experiences will add tools to create route in their platform. Then on January next year there will be launching of web platform version of Navibration Experiences. The Navicoins payments will be accepted by Navibration on February next year.

On March 2019 Navibration Experiences will release the product for blind users. April 2019 is when the mobile platform version of Navibration Experiences will be released. On June the Navibration watch will be released followed by the release of Navibration stick on October 2019. More new releases will held in 2020.



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