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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Stem Cells On Blockchain

Stem cell innovations (SCI) is a network of highly motivated researchers, expert medical professionals, dedicate investors, and innovative engineers working together to create a unique platform that brings together between stem cell technology and blockchain technology. Stem cell innovation has planned in 2019 release SCIApllication V.30 and in 2021 will release SCIApplication V.40.

SCI plans to have all stem cell services available for users in a single effortless process, thereby streamlining what is currently a complicated process for accessing stem cell storage and service and the world. Stem cell can provide with a unique approach to therapy in a variety of conditions.

Technical Spesification Of Stem Cell Innovations

The functionalities of blockchain technology and smart contracts provide an opportunity in the health care system to reinvent decades-old systems of data sharing, storing, and management supporting stem cell data integrity and security while giving patients control the data.

1. Stem cell innovations’ unique identifier
SCI will provide personalized stem cell solution to patients using the platform. Protecting confidential user information is vital to the success of a system. To ensure security and privacy, SCI will require users signing into SCIApplication to provide the information and generate a unique identifier in SCI ecosystem. 

2. Stem cell innovations’ dual blockchain 
SCI plants to rund on dual blockchain platform. The first is the platform will be built on Ethereum base for token use only and it will be powered by the ERC20 platform. The second one is blockchain will be a custom application designed and built by SCI engineers tailored to fit the healthcare environment. 

3. Stem cell innovations’ hyperledger fabric 
Hyperledger fabric enables SCIApplication to be portable, private and scalable. Hyperledger fabric’s unique topology allows SCIChain to interact securely with the network providers’ system. Hyperledger fabric utilize many key factors that will allow SCI to carry out its plat to collect, store, and share information among certified networks in the stem cell community. 

4. Stem cell innovations’ smart contract
Smart contracts are a major benefit to utilizing blockchain technology to collect, store, manage data in health care system. 

5. Stem cell innovations’ data structure
The SCI system uses double-encryption methodology on a private blockchain designed by SCI. the data are private and not accessible o anyone outside the blockchain or the network curetted by SCI. Hyperledger fabric allows SCI to use multiple languages to communicate with the current electronic medical records and health electronic records (EMR/HER) system so that it could be the data will private. 

6. Decentralization
The ultimate goal of the SCIApplication is to give users control to stem cell data while storing and processing that the data in decentralization means removing barriers to access for patients in need of stem cell treatment and putting the control of information and access in the hand. The decentralization enables an SCI user to access network of stem cell services and therapies. 

The Innovations

The stem cell innovation application can help people manage their own health and wellness, promote healthy living and gain access to the world of SCI. according to the US food and drug will 50% of the more than 2.4 billion Smartphone and tablet users will have downloaded mobile health applications. The function will be emergency patient information, patient tools etc. 

The stem cell innovation also will be implemented token ERC20 using the Ethereum public blockchain. The token usage for IT development and R&D, marketing and sales, legal, infrastructure and project management, team and advisors and international expansion and partnership of stem cell labs. 

The token methods payment is accepted by BTC, ETH, LTC, and FIAT. Two of caps are soft cap and hard cap. The amount of soft cap is $3.000.000 while hard cap $36.000.000. The token will sale price about $0.15. 

The token vesting schedules are typically used to focus and reward the executive and team for growing the company and platform. The Vesting schedules are a reasonable, employees, advisors, consultants etc.

 There are expert teams and advisory committee. The SCI team and advisory committee is represented by world-class professional in the fields. They will bring the success of the company and its life-changing work there are Moe Galal is a chief executive offices or Co-founder in Stem cell innovations. 

Ben Barel is chief operations officer and Ali Alrashidi is a co-founder as a chief technology officer. Kobi Barel is co-founder in operation engineers etc. 


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