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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Review: Bitdepositary (Part 2)

ICO market has risen recently, with the respective consequence and causation of it. Bitdepositary realize that those problem will getting big and bigger in the future and working hard on the administration software which focused on the security related with blockchain and token sale (BDT).

Technology <<<19>>>

Each cryptocurrency (including the BDT) have the same technology behind them which is called as blockchain. Blockchain play the most important role on transforming the crowdfunding and investment since many companies try to earn more profit by implementing the blockchain solutions.

In other hand, the ICO is the mechanism of raising funds for project are the dominating topic within the blockchain community. Thanks to the ERC20 standard for token, the ICOs are now relatively easy to structure which deters investors on raising money that is in the pre-production stages.

Bitdepositary system enables an ICO to publish their ideas to other project managers (companies). The process of an ICO project have many steps to be done successfully. First is upon the submission of ICO idea and waiting for the acceptance. Once the ICO idea has published to the Bitdepositary community of users, they are able to vote on the idea. 

In the Bitdepositary platform, there are important differences between users and community users. A users is a fully registered and verified users who owned (minimum) 5.000 BDT within the recent 6 months. While a community users is a fully registered and verified users who has not got or owned a minimum 5.000 BDT within the last 6 months period.

Bitdepositary market

The ICOs market are growing bigger by the time against the traditional crowdfunding. It was back in 2015, when the $14 million of ICO market share has been growing up to more than 3.500 million in 2017. The ICO growth rate market is caused by the high returns up to 500% in ICO investment and the infinite of blockchain innovations.

One important thing that the investors need to take concern is about the risk with ICOs. Bitdepositary research teams has found that only 10% of the ICOs are the successful one and there are 81% of the ICO are categorized as scam. Around $400 million of $3.7 billion of ICO funds are lost or stolen. The persons whose steal it are called by hacker which penetrate the system using the phishing method.

Bitdepositary platform have functions in a decentralized manner with blockchain and sales force as the underlying technologies which have high security standards. Bitdepositary platform have many benefit. Users will get the ICO project review and the legal and taxation compliance ICO evaluation. Next, there are crowd wisdom which will guide new investors. Last, the users participate by voting system and credit card services. 

Bitdepositary is the first and only community which specialized on algorithm protection. Bitdepositary will grant users the access to a complete services which provide anything which are needed to manage the financial transaction via multi wallet and the introduction of other planned additions of the platform.

Project managers whose make listing with Bitdepositary will get many benefits like the evaluation of the ICO by experts, no technical risk or expenses for the ICO, less marketing costs for the ICO as the project, integration of tokens within the Bitdepositary multi wallet. Last, there is direct and easy investment from users through Bitdepositary app.

Token distribution and business development roadmap 

The BDT token is based on ERC20 token and its creation will be equal to 1 billion and will be burned at the end of the ICO. BDT tokens are paid to the users unique wallet address automatically. The pre investments in the voting, can only be made with the BDT token. When the project goes live and the user can invest with all tokens. When in reverse, the BDT token will going back to the originating user or investor.

For the investment, there is no maximum investment amount but have the minimum value as $500 on pre-sale private and $100 on pre-sale open. Total token will be distributed to open sale (63%), marketing or referral or bounties (20%), open pre-sale (6%) as well as the private pre-sale. While 5% will be distributed for the team. People are welcomed to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, PayPal, EOS or Dash to purchase BDT.


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