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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Review: Bitdepositary (Part 1)

Information related to the ultra secure market ICO with integrated solutions is urgently needed. Those revolutionary concept will make the ICO security much better (secure) and the users will be able to make investment quicker and easier than before. This article will provide the detailed overview about Bitdepositary business, along with the tokens and others.

Company structure and business model 

Bitdepositary business concept was realized on third quarter of 2017 along with the formulation of marketing and programmer team for blockchain and sales force. During the fourth quarter of 2017, the discussion with lawyers and tax consultants was commenced. 

On first quarter of 2018, formulation of the development team for Bitdepositary was made, also with the financial license conceptualization and the programming work and ICO planning commencement. On the second quarter of 2018, the company mane “Bitdepositary” was created. The ICO programming completion and the Bitdepositary was founded in Malta.

Bitdepositary has two offices, first in Georgia as the PHP license element of business. Second is based in Malta as the ICO company. The registered office address for Bitdepositary Ltd. is located in 48 Stella Maris Street, Sliema SLM 1765, Malta. Bitdepositary contact email is:

In the recent years, the ICO market are spread broadly but still has the fraudulent activities from penetration the cryptocurrency community. Experts stated that approximately 80% of ICOs are not trustworthy. The investors were struggle with unsecured, unreliable wallets and systems.

The foundation of Bitdepositary will work on the administration software. It has the secured unique system implemented that will get rid of the issues about security. Every token sale will be passed through the hosted German server which equipped with the intelligent security features. Those process will make any payouts (project managers or token buyers) will be made via wallets via user account to provide transparency. 

Other security hole in this business is the scam, which can originate from projects that powered by criminal energy to take advantage or benefit from users and token buyers which have limited experience. The Bitdepositary ecosystem will make the differences since it has the powerful weapon of professional experts like the tax consultants, lawyers and the specialist on collective views of the Bitdepositary users community.

Whenever the users has lack of knowledge on investment, they may get the missed investment opportunities. The specified users will be notified via email which contain information about investment that has been made. Those feature will help the new and or the inexperienced investors to avoid wrong investment decisions.

In order to have a successful project, there is the stage on the process of project submission. First, there is project presentation to Bitdepositary. If they approve it, they will passed the project to legal and tax professional. Otherwise, they will issuing the letter of rejection. From the legal and tax professional, it can be continued to get documented, or else it will be rejected. 

Each community users and the users itself will have different available options and actions with their respective weighting of the voting points system. Bitdepository have 10% of voting share, lawyers have 5% and tax consultant have 5%. While the community users can have up to 10 points of voting and 100 points for users (depending on their qualification). 

Bitdepositary’s token currency

Bitdepositary have its own token named the BDT, an ERC20 token which will be launched on OKEx, HitBTC, binance, Bitfinex and its own exchange. The users who invest in a project before the voting (pre-investment of BDT token) will earn 25% more project tokem as investments after the voting stages.

Progress to date 

While the whitepaper was produced, the Bitdepositary business has been 50% completed. Bitdepositary has created its own ICO back-end system which forms the very basis of concept, harnessing the power of a highly adapt and focused development team. Bitdepositary has oulined the clear vision for the future of the business with plans to form a global network of taxation and legal firm in each country independently. 

The investment on Bitdepositary has been made to $300.000 which divided into sales force licenses ($100.000), sales force coding ($50.000), marketing ($30.000), company founding which applied for the finance license ($50.000), blockchaindevelopment like the voting contract or multi wallet ($50.000) and for lawyer. Tax consultant as well as the advisory charges ($20.000).


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