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Saturday, 8 September 2018


The Rateonium network was designed and developed over the last four years by experts from various economic sectors. Rateonium creates a trustworthy and interactive network between customers and companies. Rateonium provides a complete rating system tailored to all customers groups, so connecting customers to companies in a way never seen before.

The company has goals in each term such as users and company. The Rateonium has developed the network based on the ideas and requirements of the users. The requirements are reviews with an absolute demand for authenticity, a user-friendly app and can use everyday. Besides that, there are the requirements of the partner companies were also taken into account during the development of the Rateonium network such as review verification, individual company presentation opportunities, etc.

The Rateonium has a RTO system. RTO can also do offline and online generation. There are two different processes are used to exchange tokens, in online generation purchases, Rateonium users are given the option of seeing defined reward during the purchase. The users are given to access to wallets by entering a cryptic user name and the app password. The user also confirms the selected reward by using the app’s scanner fuction to scan a QR code.

Both methods of redeeming tokens end in the burning of the tokens after the distribution of the reward has been confirmed. This ensures that the total numbers of tokens in system is always controlled by the number of active users.

The Rateonium also gives benefits for token sale participations. Each participations in the token sale is offered the following benefits are the first participants in system will benefit from special starting rewards, which will be offered by the companies in the first phase of the system. The Rateonium has a card that provide to every participant in the Token Sale free of charge so that the can be purchased for a one-time fee.

One of the developments in the world is a cryptocurrency with skepticism as the technology experts and blockchain idealists. The development is that many companies only integrate a cryptocurrency in the existing business environment in order to generate capital via an initial coin offering. The rateonium core business objective is to revolutionize recommendation marketing on a global scale in a way that is sustainable, fair, transparent and anonymous. However, an essential component of the way the company understand and the fact that Rateonium only works with the interaction of users. The system cannot be abused using financial resources.

Each company has drawbacks and one thing that it will concern. The first drawback is lack of incentives lead to negative reviews, by submitting reviews, dissatisfied customers hope to create added value by making a concrete change to the situation. With Rateonium, there is a network where each customer will want to leave reviews. Lack of the opportunities for analysis, lack of rating incentives prevents customer loyalty, etc. But the company always has solution of those drawbacks.

The Rateonium spreads in the 5 countries location such as Vancouver, London, Hamburg, etc.  The users in worldwide can download in Google play or the apple store. The Rateonium process sequences can offline and online services. In offline, a scanner with a Rateonium symbol is placed at the company’s location. It scans the code shown by the customers in RATE mode and transfer the information. Each customer has the opportunity to add content to the reviews. In online, the company provides a QR code before the payment phase. The QR codes contain information about the value of the service purchased as well as the date of service to be provided, along with the expected location/branch.

The token distribution will distribute in token sale event, strategic partners and team. While the budget use for technical development, app development optimization, global marketing, team, and global partner acquisition. The road map of the rateonium, In Q1-2018 RTC token pre sale and token sale, it launches the app development and system preparation in Vancouver and Londo. In Q2-2018 will open India branch in Bangalore and ICO website development and the rateonium will implement of the marketing department.

There are teams of Rateonium, Marko Krusnetsevic as a founder behind, over, and inside Rateonium. Kai cilingiroglu is as the technical heart of the Rateonium’s frontend website, etc. The technical details of Rateonium, the Ratec tokens (RTC) issued in the token sale will be created based on ERC20 and the tokens can be stored in any ERC20 wallet.


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