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Monday, 10 September 2018

Orbis, The Worldwide Blockchain based Investment and Money Transfer

The use of blockchain technology generates a lot of development in various sectors, one of which is finance. This is because the blockchain promises a safe and fast system because it is not centralized. Therefore, platforms that use blockchain are decentralized. One of the platforms developed was Orbis. A platform that regulates financial and investment systems for coin holders and potential investors around the world.

Problems about Financial and Investment

Nowadays, there are many system platforms which are centralized. So that they are not transparent in the financial arrangements. In addition, investors who can take part are those who have large funds. This problem makes the structure and process stagnant and inefficient. So this is not surprising if there are still few people who are able and willing to invest their money through the available platforms.

This important issue needs to be addressed in a modern way and covers the needs of many people from many countries. Orbis was created to overcome it in the following ways.

1. Reduce the fees that must be included to prevent the existence of too large fees by removing the existence of third parties.
2. Transactions will be made in such a way as to be faster, so as to minimize waiting transactions. This is designed to be unaffected by business or office hours.
3. The system is designed to facilitate self service.
4. Ineffective bureaucracy and paperwork will be eliminated.

All of these methods will be improved and supported by the existence of Orbis coins, a utility token. In addition, the ecosystem will be equipped with Orbis Desktop, a platform that can be run on smartphones and ATMs. The Orbis platform is designed to be easy to use by everyone.

The Functional Platform of Orbis

1. An Investment Mobile Platform
The banking system tends to be centralized where hoistory of transaction and storage data is centered on the bank. Of course, this makes activities less transparent and prone to break-ins. Orbis creates a decentralized platform. Not only that, Orbis creates a platform that can run on mobile phones. This mobile platform can even be used every day with excellent quality.

Orbis users can save their assets and money. In addition, users can also make payments via Orbis. Orbis thinks of new users who might not understand how plartform works. Users can take advantage of the AI VR feature to get a complete explanation.

2. Orbis Wallet
If you have cryptocurrency, whatever the platform is, then you need a digital wallet. This wallet serves to store cryptocurrency before being used for transfers or other transactions. Orbis provides a digital wallet that allows users to save, transfer, and even invest tokens throughout the world. Of course with a very low rate. Orbis wallet can be used by various people of different ages.

3. Orbis Exchange
The exchange of orbis is a decentralized platform to trade the coin orb transferring it and exchange to fiat currency. Transactions that are executed are very safe because they use a peer to peer system. This system will also improve the transaction process to make it faster.

4. Orbis Coin
If you are a holder, then you know that most platforms only have one type of coin or cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is unstable and has only one function. But Orbis provides two different types of cryptocurrency, namely ORBS or Orbis Coin and ORBISi or Orbisinvest coin.

Orbis token stock is very limited. There are only 8,000,000,000,000 tokens in circulation. The initial price of this token is $ 0.50. Orbis tokens can be used to transfer funds safely and quickly without causing the user's money lost.

While for ORBISi tokens only created as many as 80,000,000 tokens worldwide. When it was first launched, this token was sold for $ 0.50. The use of Orbisi tokens is a tool for investing. So in other words, this token was created for investors.

5. The Debit Card
Orbis provides a debit card called IBAN that allows users to access their money. This debit card can also be used in various ATMs for users who want to withdraw. At first glance, the activity is the same as traditional bank debit cards. But what distinguishes is a decentralized system.


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