Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Reviews and Analysis


Sunday, 9 September 2018


LOLIGO is the safest and most advanced ICO crowdfunding the platform. In 2017, the total amount raised was estimated to be $5 billion, has reached 14$ billion since early 2018. It is very spectacular of the growth of fundraising through ICO. The company is not required by the community, it is able to issue a token and launch an ICO without officially disclosing its identity.

LOLIGO is a revolutionary platform that ensures the smooth operation of ICOs through innovative staggered contracts and under the control of the participants. Loligo allows both community and centralized approaches while reaping the most benefits.

The smart contracts are used to define and hard code the agreement between the launcher of an ICP and the participants without relaying a trusted third party. Loligo offers a complete and unique technical and legal solution to all the problems and risks to fundraising campaigns.

A centralized ICO is a fundraiser launched by a company without necessarily through a blockchain. The sale usually happened on the company website using conventional means BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) or credit card. This platform is effective and safe. It can lead several risks such as hacking, manipulation, excessive margins and abuses of power.

In 2015 Ethereum had launched and became the reference for automated ICO launching. ICO token transactions are performed on the main chain by way of fees paid in Ethers. The costs depend on blockchain’s load. Ethereum has several drawbacks for ICOs despite its undisputed technical superiority. The drawbacks include smart contracts of the total anarchy. The contracts published on the Ethereum blockchain are free to use and do not meet any standard. As for smart contracts, it must first be reviewed, tested, and validated to identify potentially diverted use.

The drawbacks are also about network overload, data size, issuance and inflation etc. In LALIGO has DAO. DAO is a distributed application that is used to govern and guide policy and the strategy for Ethereum. ICO demonstrated success with a reliable and solid contract in good network load conditions, risks related to development of the project inevitable.

In January 2018, Buterin himself published a paper describing a solution to ensure the launch of an ICO by way of a contract called DAICO. This concept of DAICO can also be reproduced using a smart contract set. In this case the execution of the DAICO is not controlled by the blockchain. Ethereum is a generic platform for distributed applications that is efficient and robust. A fair and dedicated blockchain is needed to ensure optimal security for investors from all categories, while keeping the simplicity of deployment of sale contracts.

The other platforms are under development and aim to exceed Ethereum in terms of flexibility and speed such as NEO, Cardano, EOS.

The several features distinguish LOLIGO form other tokens and cryptocurrencies on the market such as Mineable, store of value, limited supply, deflationist, etc. the use of Loligo does not necessarily require access to the online platform, indeed the basic package provides access to all features of the blockchain. This basic formula includes the full node wallet, a mobile access application, and access to the Smart Explorer. There are four specifications. The first is LCCs (Loligo Cyclic Contracts). The Loligo introduces an innovative type of contract for the phased release of funds namely LCC. The LCC contract may be adjusted by acting on the configuration parameters such as the start date of the project, the duration of its development, the control period and the minimum voting score for further distribution.

The second of specification is addresses and vote. Each primary token address is associated with multiple sates and balances of ICO tokens. The third is syntax and implementation. The business plan of Loligo is an open source project, free of distribution rights, seeking widespread community adoption. These funds will be mainly used to maintain the code and develop new features to stay a competitive level in the course of trade. The services of Loligo are ICO Launch, professional service, Govlink. The labels are IDSafe and ICOsafe.

The token sold during the ICO will be automatically reported on the final blockchain. The distribution plan is subject to change, any changes to it will be officially announced via the Loligo’s social channel. The token will allocate in Bounty campaign, advisors, etc and the funds will distribute in marketing, services, etc. In October 2018, ICO crowdsale will be launched in public.


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