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Friday, 7 September 2018

Incredible Technology Combinations Applied in Quantocoin Platform

Everything is going digital today, no wonder if digital banking attracts many more interests. Blockchain technology is now used by QTC platform to provide excellent financial services using Quantocoin. Quantocoin will be more magnificent because of unique bio-identification system that is going to keep users’ convenience by ensuring security and safety of their account.

Users will be able to use their Quantocoin to sell items and services online, to buy things, to pay something, to exchange with other cryptocurrency, and to make investments. Some other features provided by Quantocoin platform are including microfinance lending, loyalty programs, and international transfers. There’ll be much more features users can taste once they activate their Quantocoin account.

One detail that differentiates Quantocoin from other cryptocurrencies is an entire package service. Other blockchain platforms may offer complementary services or individualized service, but QTC gives you everything. QTC wants to help people, especially those who have no access to any modern banking because they can’t fulfill banking services’ requirements. QTC has an idea to free people from poverty.

The idea is to give people access to investment and banking tools which will provide stability in entrepreneurial ventures. QTC believes that new opportunities can be created through social and online trading, investment, and microfinance. QTC is willing to help people grab their better life only by using their smartphone and internet connection, what a noble purpose.

Before trying something, we’d like to know what benefits we’ll get by trying; it is normal. So now, let us see the features will be given by Quantocoin which benefit us. Soon, Quantocoin is going to be cryptocurrency that is widely integrated. Users can trade Quantocoin with some other cryptocurrencies like Livecoin, Poloniex, BitStamp, Bitfinex, and so on.

Besides, blockchain infrastructure that is used in QTC platform is an open technology that has been developed and tested, called altcoin. This special technology is providing both transparency and security at once. Excellent liquidity will also be provided by Quantocoin. This ensures that all users will be free to sell or buy as many Quantocoin as they need with fewer fees but quickly.

Problem and Solution in Digital Banking with Quantocoin

Most people nowadays know cryptocurrency already. Yet, they aren’t interested to adopt this kind of currency in their normal life. For many, the only problem that makes them avoid cryptocurrency is the process which is costly and complex. The others believe that selling their cryptocurrency may cause high losses. QTC promises that Quantocoin platform won’t let users down.

Quantocoin platform extremely believes that their blockchain technology will not fail to lead your way to success. That’s why their QTC Wallet is designed to let users exchange and transfer from business to business and from personal to personal. Besides, they have unique algorithm that allows microfinancing and lending for those who need. All transactions can be done by customers through their smartphone.

Soon, users can download and run their Quantocoin mobile app in their android or iOS gadgets. The application of Quantocoin platform will be built of three technologies, which are the best in the world.  They are Beacon, Quick Response codes, and NFC. No banking platform will be as sophisticated as Quantocoin platform. Even smartwatch which is compatible with the technology of QTC can be used.

Buying everything will be easier with no cash. We just need to bring our smartphone or smartwatch then use Quantocoin to make transactions. Moreover, transferring money for your relatives living abroad will no longer take days but seconds to minutes. No extra fee charged to send money everywhere using Quantocoin. NFC technology of near field communication is magnificent feature of QTC.

This near field communication allows your device to communicate with another device close to yours. In this case, that other device will be payment terminal. NFC allows your gadget to build communication with payment terminal so you can finish your transaction immediately. Beacon technology so far is the most fascinating tech used by Quantocoin. Let us see how this awesome technology works.

When a QTC user enters a store, his payment app will soon identify beacon signal. Then the signal is going to alert the payment terminal system of the store that a user has come. When QTC checkouts, store will post all purchase to customers’ payment account. Or, this system will let customers to scan items before paying them. This payment freedom will truly free cryptocurrency users. 


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