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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


The FORESTING platform is a blockchain based on social media that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. There are three the FORESTING network concern social media FORESTING, digital banking services for FORESTING participant and FORESTING lab. It was designed in a structure in which it interacts systematically and creates synergies.

FORESTING itself will open a new world from the combination of Forest and networking, connecting and interacting. The FORESTING is the primary social media, a blockchain with economic freedom for content providers. The platform will be able to increase the efficiency and impact of content providers by enabling to generate faster content than traditional social networks.

FORESTING is designed to build a network by distributing income though reasonable content generation and on the assessment of the users’ content. It will support all contents such as text, images, etc. FORESTING BANK is created because to support financial services. users can contribute to the FORESTING platform through a variety of activities, including creating and providing content, writing comments, liking and sharing.

The last is FORESTING LAB. The aim of FORESTING lab is to provide infrastructure for communities who participate in FORESTING Network and also to support content creators. The core features of FORESTING can use to best services in implementing the perfect blockchain for social networks such as user-friendly UX/UI, device optimization, categories for social media and support all forms of content.

The user-friendly UX/UI help users with an easy and convenient service like traditional social media platforms, while also providing real-time measurements and transactions of the content values. FORESTING will be designed for the users to share text, images, and video easily. People can comfortable write comments, send messages, and navigate chronological feeds. Most of the social media related to the blockchain is focused on specific categories such as blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrency.

 In FORESTING, there is a FORESTING Bank. At the center of the FORESTING network is the user.  In addition to provide the content, users also contribute to the platform’s growth with a variety of types of content. FORESTING bank will provide a non face-to-face financial service that extends directly to the internet, PCs, and Smartphone.  There are compelling examples of global bank startups offering most of the financial services traditional banks provide through non face-to-face services, rather than simple financial services such as CheBancal, nab, Moven, etc.

The value model of PTON Ecosystem, the FORESTING system is built on the Ethereum network. 24 billion PTON tokens are swapped with the mPTON coins at a 1:1 rate after the mainnet launch. PTON or Phytoncide is a coin used in FORESTING. PTON’s market value determines the value of the reward pool for the participants that contribute to FORESTING. PTON is created by the contribution of participant and give guaranteed for people who contribute to FORESTING.

In FORESTING there is FORESTING supernode and Superned architecture. Any computer or server connected to blockchain, it known as a node. While the supernode is central points of node on blockchain P2P system for data transfer and decentralize. This does communication using high-speed broadbank networks. Supernet is required to connect supernodes. The supernet must have a protocol and physical layer to carry out secrecy and authentication.

The FORESTING has planned tech and there are three tech-roadmaps. In tech-roadmap 1 divided into three stages, stage 1 foresting network alpha test with the making supernode. The stage 2 test issue of PTON token, etc. the FORESTING already prepares about the security and protect the personal information for the people who contribute or participate in FORESTING. There are 8 security and protect the personal information. For various services, storing and appropriating personal information is essential. There are many incidents related to personal information.

The FORESTING securities are like Oraclization, uPort identity, etc. FORESTING describes key technologies and system for building backend that constitutes a major component of social media services. The progressive web Apps has incredible benefits, making it easy to enhance the user experience, promote engagement and increase conversions.

PTON issuance, the PTON token will be issued as a total 24 billion tokens with ERC-20 with 40% of the total token set for sale. The token will distribute in advisor and marketing, partners, reward, reserve and team and founder.


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