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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Equality in Online Hotel Booking with Fantastic GOeureka Platform

Since traveling has become a need instead for most people, blockchain technology now comes to empower online travel agencies. For many travelers low price is the defining factor to opt for a great travel agency while the others love the travel agencies with interesting option. Undoubtedly, online travel agencies are getting stronger today, surpassing the glory of traditional institutions.

Compared to traditional institutions, online travel agencies truly are more valuable since online travel agencies are ready to keep their customers happy by offering fascinating options and maximum convenience. GO’s platform called GOeureka for example, is now using blockchain technology which is impartial. There are two most famous online travel agencies since the first establishment in 1990s.

Without online travel agencies, hotels will still gain their revenue. Unfortunately, those revenues may be smaller than those which collaborate with online travel agencies. Most of this world’s population can’t live without their smartphone. They search and find anything through websites, including the cheap room in the country or island they’re about to visit next year! Obviously, online sales are seriously helping.

Consumers nowadays would love to get attractive packages and awesome offers. They are even willing to spend hours to compare various packages from different hotels in order to get the best offer. Online travel agencies are the best in providing huge amount of options. Wondrous offer isn’t the only thing online travel agencies like GOeureka can give. Another awesome thing is related to privacy.

There’s nothing more important than privacy of consumers’ data. By booking a hotel room through online travel agency, consumers need not to worry about their data since hotel will get limited data and information from email address. Yet, any online travel agency is going to keep their consumers happy since any negative experience the online travel agency gives to consumers can affect hotel brands.

Unfortunately, many online travel agencies offer so many benefits for consumers without considering the benefits for the hotels. Luckily, GOeureka is here today to help building equitable online travel agency which not siding the consumers. Combined with blockchain technology GOeureka is allowing consumers to book incredible hotels online with no commission.

Brand New Way to Enjoy Your Trip with GOeureka

Designed for all travelers around the world, whether iOS or android users, GOeureka has booking engines that are based on website. Consumers are allowed to use the booking engine through their gadget to book not only rooms but also services they need. For the hotels, GOeureka will not only advertise and market hotels but also promote the services provided by hotels.

Besides, GOeureka is enabling hotels to list their rooms’ price, utilize the GO platform, and manage the stream of revenue. This means hotels will get control of their own advantages. Once consumers chose the room they love, there are few payment methods they can opt for. If they choose to pay through their credit cards, five percent fee will be added to the bill.

Another option to finish the booking is by paying through cryptocurrencies. Holders of GO token won’t be charged for extra fee to finish their booking while holders of other cryptocurrency tokens will. This is a simple policy from GOeureka to protect GO token holders’ interest. GO platform provide clearly incredible features for both consumers and hotels.

First of all, consumers need to open GO platform where they can see the information of various hotels, services offered by hotels, and booking rates. This special platform also has re-booking features and loyalty programs for beloved consumers. The second feature is for the hotels. This platform allows hotels to update the booking rates several times each day.

When the hotels change their booking rate, GOeureka platform with its unique algorithm is going to re-book customers’ booking automatically. For example if the hotel suddenly reduces its booking rate, GO platform will send a notification of price drop to customer. This platform will send back the difference to customers’ account, everybody’s happy.

The transparency offered by GOeureka platform is extremely helpful for hotels. Hotels don’t have to pay more for exclusive promotions. The entire search results and displays will not be based on extra charge but on customers’ reviews, features utilization, and performance of the hotels itself. Other platforms may be stunning, especially for customers. But GOeureka is definitely the right one, for both guest and hotel.


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