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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Crowdsource Solutions by CrowdForce for Emerging Markets’ Problems

The journey of CrowdForce has been started in past three years when they identified a big problem facing the emerging markets which is lack of verifiable and reliable data. The CEO of CrowdForce believed the solution needed to fix that problem is through the crowdsourcing. Instead of large and costly infrastructures, emerging markets need collections of devices and humans to build trust.

And since blockchain technology has been introduced in 2008, this technology became very famous as essential aspect of global businesses. Blockchain comes with assorted advantages for those who want to use. One advantage is it helps implementing the process of decentralized payment. Global commerce is using payment process that’s based on centralized system and needs authenticators from third party.

Third party is responsible for ensuring global payments’ fidelity. Third party is not efficient since it usually add fees for the services they offer. The use of blockchain technology is going to remove the third party and the cost by replacing all of them with functioning and robust payment framework that is distributed. Blockchain technology is also going to reduce the transaction cost.

Blockchain technology applied by CrowdForce will eliminate middlemen and the fees they charge in order to diminish the transaction cost. This awesome technology will also create record’s immutable system. Security will also be enhanced by blockchain technology. Hackers won’t be able to make incursion into CrowdForce platform which means security and safety is ensured by this platform.

CrowdForce platform will come with mobile application that is allowing crypto exchanges, digital wallets, banks, developers, and businesses to establish micro services and tasks. Flow process or CrowdForce process must be started by signing up on CrowdForce platform. Then users must fund the escrow wallets they have. Now they can deploy their micro services and tasks on network.

Next, the settlements will be sent to bank accounts and CrowdForce commission is going to be debited from escrow wallets. Owner of retail outlet or local entrepreneur can onboard themselves through mobile application then start rendering their services only in few minutes. The process will start once the agent signing up as agent. Then agent must also fund escrow wallets but now with initial capital as startup.

And then agent can perform complex and simple micro services and tasks. Finally, amounts of transactions will be deducted from escrow wallet while all commissions will be paid into commission wallet that can be cashed out anytime. Before using CrowdForce platform and its mobile application all potential users must first understand the features offered by the mobile app of CrowdForce.

Fascinating Features of CrowdForce’s Mobile Application

Once CrowdForce launches the mobile application there will be features to support micro services and micro tasks. For the micro services, the available features will include cash out and cash in, sports betting, crypto-fiat exchange, top up money of fiat in digital wallet, sell and buy cryptocurrency, wallet or account opening, and utility bills such as cable television, airtime, electricity, or others.

CrowdForce’s mobile application will also have features that support micro tasks. Those features will include retail census and audits, citizen engagement, GPS and image capture of interest’s locations, consumer insights, data verification, mystery shopping, and market surveys and research. CrowdForce needs revenue that can be obtained through three fees which can be found below.

Withdrawal fees that will be charged by CrowdForce when agents are withdrawing their profits are the first revenue of CrowdForce. The other fee charged by CrowdForce is commissions or transaction fees that will be about 0.2 percent to 1 percent. CrowdForce will charge this fee on the entire transactions of micro service that are executed by agents to their customers.

To use CrowdForce platform anyone must use CRF token which is CrowdForce’s native token. CrowdForce is trying to gather the fund now before continuing their development. Thirty percent of the fund they gather will be used for research and development. Another thirty percent will be for sales and marketing, twenty percent of fun will be for merchant network.

Each ten percent of all funds they can gather will be used for operations and others. In December this year CrowdForce is going to establish their token generation event. The launch of mobile apps, market drive, expansion to African countries, and launch of CrowdForce’s blockchain will be held in 2019. And in 2020 CrowdForce is going to expand to India and Middle-East, also to Southeast Asia and Latin America.


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