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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Asobimo, Distributed Secondary Content Platform

The real world has to face the new challenges of human being needs and the growing technology. We all know about blockchain and that revolutionary system in many sectors using this powerful and genius technology. And Now please welcome Asobimo, a blockchain based platform that will leverage the distribution of secondary content.

Asobimo is a well-known company that has stood for 15 years and already has 600 employees from various worlds. Asobimo is very experienced in the world of game development and has produced many famous games. In this article you will find the useful information about it.

Introduction: Revolution for Secondary Content Platform

We can call this the first secondary content platform in the world that uses blockchain as a system. In short, Asobi is a platform where you can buy or sell digital works such as music, pictures, manga, videos, and so on. In other words, through this platform you can get profits only by selling or buying digital products.

The Asobi Platform is a secured platform because it uses DSS or Decestralized Security System. And of course, DSS is fully supported by blockchain technology. So this provides very strict safeguards so as to minimize theft and misuse of content. Distribution is done using a P2P (peer to peer) model on the platform. So that it works under controlled security.

Asobimo Concepts

The basic concept of Asobimo is to provide a safe system for content creators and other parties. Of course, Asobimo utilizes DSS integrated with Blockchain to support the Asobimo mission and vision. In addition, on this platform you can sell various kinds of content such as games, manga, or music.

If you are a gamers, you can sell rare items through this platform to all users from many countries. Then the proceeds will be given in the form of cryptocurrency that can be used to make other transactions. This also applies to those of you who sell other copyrighted works such as manga or musics.

What’s the Problem?

Everyone knows that in the world of digital content there is a lot of copyright theft. Misuse of works is also prone to occur. Creative violations such as plagiarism and theft can have a negative impact on the development of the digital content world. Therefore, how does Asobi overcome this classic problem?

Through DSS, Asobimo will design systems within the secondary content platform to be decentralized and secure. That way the ownership of a content will be very guarded by Asobimo to avoid copyright infringement. So, everyone can feel safe and comfortable for various content without worrying about abuse.

Asobi Market

1. Asobi Wallet
Asobi provides a wallet that has many functions and advantages. Inside the Asobi Wallet there are Publisher Stores and Secondary Markets. All digital content such as videos, music, games, etc. can be sold in these two markets.

If you want to buy an original product, then you can buy it in a publisher store. But if you are content creator, you can sell your product on the secondary market. You can also buy second hand products at low prices but still quality. All profits from the sale of the product will be accumulated in the form of cyptocurrency (Asobi Coin) and stored in the Asobi Wallet.

2. Profit Return
So far, if we sell other people's products, the creator of the work does not get any profit. On the contrary, in the Asobi Market author will benefit from sales. A profit sharing system will be arranged based on a smart contract.

3. Virtual DRAGON
Virtual Dragon is a platform developed by ASOBIMO and SWITEX. This platform is intended for publishers and gamers to sell and buy games.

4. Growth
The Asobimo Company has many active users around the world. At this time Asobimo will introduce a better game buying and selling system. Later, all users can get Asobi Coin through airdrops.

Asobi Coin

Asobi Coin is a cryptocurrency specifically for use in the Asobi Market. The function of this coin is as a transaction tool such as buying and selling games, videos, e-books, and others. 1 coin is equal to 2 JPY or around 0.02 USD. Standard tokens use ERC 20, Pre sale is held in August. This token has high liquidity and will increase sales value.


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