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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Review: Kimex

Human has reach their better life nowadays since the internet, as the primary source to have almost all activities with it. Sending email, accessing social media up to trading, can be done seamlessly with the internet as easy as the online banking does. Blockchain also penetrate the human life by KIMEX.IO who has establish the financial professional to provide better experience to traditional trading.

Investing in binary options

Binary options are simple way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets with the clear understand of the investor about the risks and rewards. It has the different method from the traditional trading since have different payouts, fees and risks and the entirely different liquidity structure and investment process.

There are many advantages on investing in binary options. First is the ability to strike quick profits and has the simple way to do it. Next is the advantage offered to the new investors and no fees and commissions. Last, there is a clear information about your risk bases on how much of your investment and the investors will not have the opportunity to use leverage.

For the disadvantage on the investing in binary options is about the rate of return on each transaction is depend on the broker. For the example, with 88% of return chance, the investors still have the opportunity to win 55% of new trades without losses. Another disadvantage is about the risk, when the high profit mean high risk and there are lack of indicators and tools to help the investor to make decision.

Binary options work with several stages. First, you have to sign-up with the broker with a different asset classes which you can trade using the binary options: commodities, stocks, indices and currencies. When you buy, you have to place a call option. When you sell, you place the put option. Those contract will last for 1 to 30 minutes and depend on the broker that you signed up with.

There is clear difference between trading and gambling, since most people put those inquiry on how people put their money and try to predict the asset with the possibility that you may gone right or wrong on it. Gambling is when your money is wagered emotionally and the risk is maxed out while trading is when the money invested intelligently and the risk is understood and accounted for.

Gambler rely on luck while trader rely on careful analysis and planning. Predicting the outcome is often impossible on gambling but on trading, the outcome is treated as a statistical probability. Gambler are easily tempted while the trader are inherently suspicious of too good to be true scenarios.


KIMEX.IO is the decentralized binary options platform based on Ethereum blockchain called KMX, which is an ERC20 token and used as in-trade currency and profit dividend token. KIMEX.IO will release an MVP in August 2018 and publish further development based on the road map after the ICO (initial coin offering).

KIMEX.IO will fetches asset price data from an oracle by using Orcalize service based on the smart contract. There will be no additional database and server side needed and no chance for the slightest window for cheating and scams. There will be no delay on payments and in the MVP version, all things will be simplified and  implemented eventually. 

KIMEX.IO mobile app

KIMEX.IO also develop an app which is categorized as the best trading platform and deliver the seamless mobile users experience. The KIMEX.IO mobile app is available for all major Android smartphone and now iOS based smartphone later, waiting for the Apple’s binary related application rules. The app will have the new version which includes foreign exchange and CFD trading.

KIMEX wallet

KIMEX.IO has KIMEX wallet which allowing users to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, USDT and other cryptocurrencies. All trading, spending and receiving activities will user the KIMEX wallet as well. KIMEX wallet support KIMEX wallet has private key which is stored privately and protected with strong security layers. KIMEX wallet support ERC20 and ERC23 and will never access your personal data.

KIMEX.IO road map

KIMEX.IO was founded on January 2018 and will start it’s pre-sale on 15 August 2018 and the pre-ICO sale will start on 1 September. KIMEX ICO will start on 16 September 2018 and launch the decentralized binary options on March 2019. KIMEX wallet will be launched on December 2019 and followed by mobile app launching on March 2020.


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