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Friday, 31 August 2018

Review: Blinked

In the digital world, people may know about many fascinating products, are simply from their hand through smartphone which is connected into the internet. Therefore, almost all goods company are using digital content to promote their products via digital advertisement.

Newest innovation in blockchain technology now integrate with the proprietary Blinked (BLKD), a crypto-token which will pay the users for their recommendations and experiencing digital ads. There will be up to 90% of revenue by experiencing the Blinked decentralized social media model.

Blinked history

It was J. Benlevi-Little, who brought more than 10 years of digital experience and after the successful exit from Blinked was created to improve the way users find recommendation, which is similar with popular social media works. Up to now, Blinked has 13,000 active users just from minimal marketing. People who use social media, usually without gaining any payment, even though they put efforts on helping the social media.

Problems for social media users

People are eagerly put recommendation or giving feedback on every places they visit to help others, but they can not monetize it. Several users are able to monetize their audiences by being the influencers and it is quite hard to do that, and not all people can make it.

Another problem is the centralized social media networks are sharing no revenue for the users, who make the platforms successful. While the social media platform earns huge money (up to billion of dollars), the consumer get nothing (compensation or incentive) when viewing ads or watching commercials. 

Next problem related with the social media usage is the user data breach issue. Facebook has facing the serious problem related with this issue, and the centralized platform also have no reliable technical mechanism for data security up to losing and selling user data.

Blinked solutions for social media user problems

All blinked users will earn Blinked Gold (BGZD) for their contributions and recommendations. If the users gain more likes, comments or others engagements, they will earn more. For the example, if A recommends a new phone charger which able to fully charges within 60 seconds and people likes it, “A” will earn the compensation. The others users who feeling helped by “A”, may tipped “A” in BKLD gold (BGSD). 

Similar with above example, all Blinked users who watch the commercials or viewing the ads will earn Blinked gold (BDZD) up to 90 percent. This is very suitable ecosystem where the users and the advertisers interests are aligned in one place. For the security reason, blockchain technology ensure that centralized social media platform in Blinked will automatically match advertisers and viewers based on the users habit and daily activities.

The new Blinked token (BLKD)

Blinked platform has the Blinked token (BLKD) which will be used as the advertising and reward product. For the advertiser, they have to buy Blinked token and exchange it into performance token Blinked Gold (BGZD) and use it to either earn within the platform or ofers it to the end user engagements with digital advertising content.  

Blinked token (BKLD) has three party who works as the ecosystem, first is the Blinked users, who acquire the Blinked Gold (BGZD) by engaging with advertisers or other users. BGZD also available to be converted into Blinked token (BKLD) at the pre determined rate. There are six level of users: regular, featured, expert, master, ambassador and premium users.

Second are the advertiser, brands and business who purchase Blinked token (BLKD) to identify and acquire customers that use the Blinked network. The Blinked token are deposited into the Blinked network and categorized as the Blinked Gold (BGZD).

The third is the local advertising sales administrators (LASAs), are the users who acquire Blinked token who wish to advertise their local or national services on Blinked. LASAs will earn commission on any sales team and dictated by the governance of Blinked platform.

Blinked roadmap

There will be 525,000,000 BLKD (Blinked token), and there was the first sale on 30 May 2017 and has the initial total sale 100,000,000 BLKD. On those period, individuals are able to purchase the Blinked token via at the exchange rate $0.08 is equal with 1 BLKD. Early pre-sale will be on 8 July 2018 while the sale will be held at the end of 2018.


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