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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Jibbit: A New and Needed Ecosystem for Cannabis Industry

Currently, the cannabis industry is on the rise. This happens due to more and more countries legalizing the use of cannabis, either for medical purposes or otherwise. The problem is that cannabis still has a bad image for the public. This causes many other unnecessary problems, including hindering patients who need medical cannabis from getting the medicine that they really need.

Enter Jibbit

Jibbit attempts to make the cannabis industry better and more transparent for everyone, including customers, sellers, and even medical staffs such as doctors and pharmacists. There are many problems that the cannabis industry is currently facing. Its mission is to provide an ecosystem, in which the buying and selling of cannabis are open and transparent where cannabis can be obtained legally.

How the Problems Are Solved

How do the many problems in the cannabis industry are solved? First, since it has a bad image in public many patients are ashamed to buy it in a pharmacy even if they really need it. Since Jibbit works with medical pharmacy services, when a patient orders medical cannabis at a pharmacy, it will be delivered to their houses rather than they take it in the pharmacy themselves.

There is also prescriptions forgery. Today, many customers are buying medical cannabis with a forged prescription. Jibbit helps prevent this by storing prescriptions in the blockchain. As a result, the prescriptions are almost forgery-proof. On the other hand, both pharmacists and doctors can see the medicine stored, preventing forgery even further. 

Cannabis purchase, even if it is done in a country where it is legal, may face delays. This happens due to the sellers who are waiting for the money to be transferred first. Only after they receive money will they send the cannabis. To make things worse, some banks charge higher fees for cannabis transactions, both to the sellers and customers.

Within the ecosystem, this will no longer be a problem. Since there will be a platform for selling and buying, in which cryptocurrency (known as Jibbit token) is used, transfer and payment of cannabis products and accessories will no longer face delay or being subject of higher additional fees from banks. Most importantly, it will be open and transparent.


Jibbit is divided into three parts: Marketplace, Runner, and Doc. Each of these parts serves specific purposes. The marketplace is the platform where selling and buying cannabis is possible. The selling and buying purchase utilizes blockchain technology. Since tokens can be used for the transaction, the transaction process is anonymous, safe and transparent.

Within the marketplace, the use of the token is encouraged to both customers and sellers. For the customers, those who use the token as a method of payment will receive a discount for their purchase. For the sellers, those who use token will pay a discounted sales commission rather than paying it in full.

There is also a preferential treatment for customers who have a wallet and tokens. These customers will be able to see special offerings from the platform and sellers. On the other hand, those who don’t have a wallet and tokens will not be able to see the special offerings.  These are some examples of incentives to use cryptocurrency that the ecosystem gives.


Purchasing cannabis, even if it is for medical purposes, can be embarrassing for some customers even if it is legal. Using the ecosystem, this will be a thing of the past. Customers and patients will no longer feel embarrassed by their purchase. With the Runner, ordering and delivery of cannabis products and accessories will be very easy.

The Runner will deliver cannabis products and accessories to customers and patients directly to their houses. Of course, this process is done only to countries where the purchase of cannabis products and accessories is legal. As with the Marketplace, customers who use tokens as a method of payment will receive a discount. 


The last part is the Doc. Unlike the Marketplace or the Runner, this platform has nothing to do with selling, buying or delivering cannabis products or accessories. Rather, this platform is specifically designed to connect patients with doctors as well as pharmacists. Basically, the Doc is a virtual doctor’s office that is accessible to patients.

As the demand for medical cannabis is steadily increasing, the ecosystem attempts to make things easier for patients who want cannabis-related medications. As with the Marketplace or the Runner, the Doc also utilizes blockchain technology, which prevents prescriptions forgery and counterfeiting. To use the Doc, a small number of tokens will be needed. Doctor’s verification is free.


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