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Saturday, 14 July 2018

BeepBeep Nation and Eminent: Towards a Better World

The present social media only provide the users to socialize with one another. BeepBeep Nation and its cryptocurrency, Eminent, however, aim higher than that. It wants to give a platform for people to ask for help and give help to one another. With the platform and cryptocurrency, BeepBeep Nation wants to create a better world.

What BeepBeep Nation Is

BeepBeep Nation is an app that allows people to ask for help and give help to each other. The people who ask for help is called ‘requestor’ while the people who give help is called ‘helper.’ When someone asks for help using BeepBeep Nation, their request will be visible to users who are in the 1-5 kilometer radius.

When a helper helps a requestor, the requestor is not obliged to give gratitude tip to them. If the requestor wants to do so, they can do it. The helper does not have to accept the gratitude tip if they don’t want to. BeepBeep Nation understood that there are many other non-financial reasons why people help others.

Business Model

The main business model utilized by BeepBeep Nation is the selling of credits, which are required if a requestor wants to ask for help. BeepBeep Nation charges a requestor a nominal of between USD 0.10 and USD 0.30 for each help request they make. This request then will be broadcasted to the nearby area, within a radius of 1 to 5 kilometers.

The nominal that BeepBeep Nation charges are very cheap. This is because the request will be visible to hundreds, thousands or even million other users depending on the location. The request will also be very targeted as only helpers in the radius will be able to see it. As a result, the requestor will receive better responses from potential helpers.

In addition to selling credits, BeepBeep Nation also gives a platform for advertisements for businesses.  Unlike the credits, the rate BeepBeep Nation charges to businesses for advertisement will be higher. However, the rate will still be a reasonable level. The advertisement shown in BeepBeep Nation will be a targeted one, as it will depend on the users’ data point that BeepBeep Nation collects.


To make things simpler for everyone, BeepBeep Nation has its own cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency is called ‘Eminent.’ A BeepBeep Nation user can use this cryptocurrency for many purposes. For instance, they can use the cryptocurrency to keep their Beep Rank high, give a helper gratitude tip, purchase BeepBeep Nation or to keep their ranking (as a helper and as a requestor) high. 

Beep Rank

There is also the Beep Rank. Basically, Beep Rank is a ranking system for both helper and requestor. The helper is ranked by the requestor. The more help a helper give and the better their behavior during giving the help, the higher their Beep Rank will be. Likewise, the requestor is ranked by the helper. The better their behavior after getting help, the better their rank will be.

There is also another factor that affects a user’s Beep Rank. Namely, the number of Eminent tokens they have. For the helper, their staked tokens are a way to guarantee their good behavior while giving help. For the requestor, their staked tokens will allow them to get ‘preferential’ status, with which their request will be more visible to other users.

When a helper does serious infringement their staked tokens will be taken by BeepBeep Nation. The staked tokens can be restored back when the helper works harder to restore their ranking as well as their tokens back. Besides the helper, the requestor also must keep their ranking high. Otherwise, their staked tokens can be taken by BeepBeep Nation.

Gratitude Tips and Services/Merchandises

Other uses of Eminent include gratitude tips and purchase of services and/or merchandises. The requestors who want to reward their helpers, they can do so by giving some tokens as the gratitude tips to their helpers. BeepBeep Nation also incentivizes the users to use tokens as a method of payment for their services and merchandises by offering various discounts if the purchase is done using tokens.

Tokens Received by BeepBeep Nation

The tokens will not only used by helpers, requestors or businesses. The tokens will also be received by BeepBeep Nation. The tokens received by BeepBeep Nation through its services, merchandises or other services or products will be utilized by the company to support operations, development,  business expansion, marketing as well as other promotional activities.


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