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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Brand-New Energy Solution from WPP

Most of the times, the implementation of green energy in our daily lives costs a considerable amount of money. This problem makes It impossible for most households to use green energy, especially in second and third world country where even conventional energy usage has become a problem since not all citizens can afford the monthly bills.

The inability of people to get energy sources, renewable or not, is a worldwide problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. WPP Energy Platform provides a brand-new solution which can be utilized by people who need it the most. Through this platform, the energy cost worldwide can be cut significantly. This way, more people will be able to get proper supply of energy in their dwellings.

The Solutions offered by WPP

WPP has made numerous contracts with the government around the world, with waste to energy conversion being the most prominent one. Other than that, WPP also runs more types of energy solutions such as hydro electric power plants and biomass power plants. These creative new-age solutions will be an effective way to overcome energy shortage.

The special thing about WPP is the ability to convert any existing power plants into more environmentally friendly and energy efficient HHO (Hydrogen-Fired Steam Plants). This type of power plant produces no carbon footprint at all, therefore making it zero-pollution. There will be no need to build power plants, and costs can be reduced too.

Currently, WPP focuses on six projects which will be carried out if everything goes well. These projects are a total of 11 hydro projects in Greece, Russia, Macedonia, and Turkey, a biofuel conversion project in California, and waste-to-energy conversion in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

WPP Supports Multiple Types of Cryptocurrencies

The developers of WPP fully understand that the number of different cryptocurrencies is constantly growing and they need to keep up with this development if they expect more people to use WPP’s service. Some of the cryptocurrencies supported by WPP are Bitcoin, Carboncoin, Ethereum, Restartenergy, and Litecoin. 

Apart from the ones mentioned in the paragraph above, there are 28 more types of cryptocurrencies that can be used within this platform which can be checked online. Therefore, all members within this platform can use whatever cryptocurrency they currently own, as long as it is listed.

Token Sale Details

The entire token sale of WPP will be held from the sixth of July and will end on the first of September. If a buyer decides to buy his or her tokens during the first three days of this sale, they will be given ten percent bonus tokens. 

Just like the other cryptocurrency platforms, this presale is intended to collect funds for the further development of WPP. Therefore, a high enthusiasm from cryptocurrency enthusiasts is expected.

WPP crowd sale will begin soon after the pre-sale, which is the seventh of September. It will last until the seventh of December. Funds raised from this sale will be used to develop this platform, such as starting the operation of energy solutions around the world and building digital platforms.

WPP tokens can be used for several purposes. Holders can use the tokens to hold transactions in the green energy platform, paying for physical energy solutions, and to pay for utility bills.  

The Development of WPP

Since January 2018, the teams of developers from WPP has begun commencing efforts to develop this platform further in order to meet the expectations of their customers. In January 2018, the first step in WPP development was made, which is signing joint venture agreement with Dahir Insaat to start green city and vertical agricultural towers.

To start a sale of the tokens, WPP obviously needs a website. The developers also started to build a website that will be used for the crowd sale since January 2018, and it was completed in March. It was launched on the sixth of July along with the pre-ICO. The pre-ICO will end on the first of September and the actual token sale itself will be held on September 7 until December 7.

The steps that will be taken in the year of 2019 are more advanced, including the launching of digital wallet and application in February 2019. In 2020, WPP will start the projects in countries such as Congo, and the last thing in WPP’s plan for now is starting the conversion of waste to energy in Morocco. Hopefully, this will successfully be carried out in September 2020.



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