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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Xmoneta, One App For Everything

Xmoneta is a mobile app which will enable its users to chat freely. They could do everything via what a messenger-like app supposed to be : chatting, messaging, making video calls, voice notes, sending emoticons and stickers.

The question is, don’t we already have whatsapp, telegram and Facebook for managing our social communication? That is true, Xmoneta has all features that those social media giants have. But in the other hand, those giants do not have what Xmoneta has.

Combination of Communication and Business Activities

The major function that giants like whatsapp, facebook and telegram do not have is : the business mode. The business mode here refers to the ability of making orders, buying goods, trading, and managing their own virtual money. By using Xmoneta, everything will be done within one ecosystem and via one mobile app. 

Xmoneta Marketplace

People will take an interest to Xmoneta’s chatting and messaging features, also the additional features such as reading books, listening to the music etc.  Yet, the most unique part is this platform also has a marketplace. The Xmoneta marketplace is a place where the users could buy and sell their products through the e-shop. The payment choices are vary. Users could pay via Quick Pay, QR Code Payments, In-App Web-Based Payments, or Native In-App Payments. 

By creating a business account, companies, vendors and organization also could use the platform in order to expand their business. So do the bloggers and vloggers, they could guide people to visit their webpages. Actually, Xmoneta users are able to choose between three types of accounts: subscription,service and enterprise. You are suggested to read the rest explanation about the advantages of having each account on the whitepaper. 

Xmoneta Virtual Wallet

There is no any greater and innovative idea than manage your businesss and your assets via your messenger. That is exactly what Xmoneta will do! Xmoneta will enable each user to have a flexible wallet.

By using the flexible wallet, you will not unecessarily download and manage different wallet for every cryptocurrency.  Currently, the wallet is able but not limited to manage 300 Ethereum-based tokens. Along with the development of cryptocurrencies, the wallet will be able to detect and integrate new tokens as well.

Oh, you do not have to worry about this great app will not work on your device, since Xmoneta will be available for all devices and OS (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone). What a great app.  But in case you want to know all features, advantages and technologies of this platform, you are highly recommended to read the whitepaper.

Token Information

XMN is an ERC20 token which will be used within the Xmoneta  ecosystem. The token sale will be divided into four stages : pre-ICO, ICO A Round, ICO B Round, and ICO C Round. The pre-ICO is started on  25th of January 2018 with the end date on 5th of February 2018. Then, ICO A round is started on 13th until 5th of April 2018. After that, ICO B round is held on 5th of April 2018 to 30th. Then, the ICO C round will be started on 30th of April 2018 to 31th of May 2018.



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