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Monday, 30 April 2018

White Rabbit, a Silver Lining to the Film Industry

It can’t be denied that along with the expansion of the film industry, piracy becomes more common.  This is disadvantageous to the industry. Sometimes, piracy is not something the perpetrators are fully aware of. The film industry itself also does not have extensive security to protect its contents from piracy.

In order to minimize the loss the film industry faces, White Rabbit comes with a solution. It provides transparent flow of money for all members of the film industry, from the producers to the entertainers. In White Rabbit’s scenario, everybody gets what they deserve.

One of the ways to illegally enjoy films is by streaming them online. When the White Rabbit plugin is installed, users are able to legally exchange the content they are streaming with White Rabbit Tokens (WRT) to the content’s owner. After one transaction is done, both the user and the content holder don’t need further actions. All processes from this moment on are automated. Seems convenient, right?

But in case the content owner does not wish to deal with White Rabbit, this plugin will notify the user so they don’t continue streaming. White Rabbit can help content owners distinguish between fans and pirates. Without the assistance of White Rabbit, these two cannot be distinguished easily. A fan will voluntarily pay for the film they’re enjoying, while a pirate won’t.

Know More about White Rabbit

There are four phases of the White Rabbit Token (WRT) usage. The first phase is when users purchase WRT during sales or by converting the cryptocurrency they already own into WRT. Next, these users stream content and they offer tokens to the content holder. 

After the tokens are exchanged, the next step is the distribution of revenue between the content holder, who gets 75%, White Rabbit (15%), and White Rabbit partner sites (10%).  The last thing to be done by the content holder is exchanging the WRT they receive into cryptocurrency.

White Rabbit’s marketing strategy is to provide best service to both the content/movie makers and those who enjoy it. It protects the artists and the crew members, but does not forget about the fans’ loyalty. It is all about creating a fair situation for everyone. 

The streaming market gross revenue in 2016 reached 29 billion dollars, and is predicted to reach 65 billion dollars by 2021 with more than 300 million users. This is caused by the decision of most Americans to ditch cable TV and stream their favourite shows. Therefore, the money that was formerly used to pay for cable TV automatically goes to the streaming providers. 

Streaming sites like netflix and HBO offer a variety of content, but limited to their websites. This makes the users that are unwilling to pay excessive money switch to piracy. Nearly half of the population pirate films. Yet, a research conducted by Portsmouth University shows that most of them are willing to pay for the films if given the option. 

The emergence of White Rabbit facilitates this goodwill. White Rabbit allows users to find anything they want to watch, anywhere they want, and pay the creators directly. A program that White Rabbit plans to launch is Partner Streaming Sites (PSS). PSS encourages all filmmakers to compete in the film industry, so indie and arthouse film receive as much exposure as box-office movies. 

For example, if you want to watch action movies, you will have a site that offers the best of action movies. Films with fewer budgets will not be buried in the depths of online movie databases, but they will attract the right audiences.

The Future of White Rabbit

White Rabbit predicts three possible scenarios of its situation in the future, namely the target scenario, the small scenario, and the big scenario. The target scenario is the median, being the most probable scenario. It targets a net profit of 7 million dollars in the first year of White Rabbit’s operation, to 1 billion dollars in the fifth year.  

The small scenario is the more conservative scenario, with 30% less estimation on the costs and profit compared to the target scenario. It targets a net profit of 3 million dollars in the first year to 236 million dollars in the fifth. White Rabbit shows their optimism on the big scenario. Targeting 16 million dollars in the first year and 2 billion dollars in the fifth year, we hope this goal can be reached.



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