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Monday, 30 April 2018

SKYFchain Operating Platform : World First Business to Robot Platform based on Blockchain Technology

In this modern era, logistics business today are designed not only with customer or controller in mind, but there is already invention of autopilot for cargo robots, Artificial Intelligent, and Internet of Things Object can worked without controlled by an individual.

And this conditions will save around 50% costs in logistics of labor. The company of SKYFchain try to offering the new form of platform that will give direct control by company to their assets.

Introducing SKYFchain

Like what have been said before, the company of SKYFchain Operating Platform is try give new solution platform for logistic business. SKYFchain is the world’s first form of Business to Robots or can be known as B2R. This platform will be based on blockchain and will be implemented globally in all sectors of cargo robotic industry. 

SKYFchain Operating Platform also launching their first industrial cargo robot that can be named as SKYF drone. This SKYF drone will give instant access to all users for developing their business. Like other platform that based on blockchain technology, SKYFchain also will be built based on smart contract. This features will providing a trusted source data and reasonable control for all stakeholders. 

SKYFchain Operating Platfrorm will be launched in some country like Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, South America, Nothern Europe. And will be expanded in some country like Australia, New Zealand, and USA. 

SKYFchain Operating Platform Details

If we read into the whitepaper of SKYFchain OP, we will find the fact that SKYFchain OP will be based on two main building blocks. The first is SKYFchain blockchain itself, and the second one is Ethereum ERC20 SKYFT token. 

SKYFchain blockchain will be designed as a private permissioned blockchain, because through this way will give the most effective usage in the cargo industry. Private permissioned will simplifying the development and supported abd give the chance to users to choose which solution that most appropriate for each particular task. 

The second elements of SKYFchain building blocks is Ethereum ERC-20 SKYFT tokens. All tokens that will be used within SKYFchain OP will be based on ERC-20 standard which means very easy to integrating to another ethereum. 

SKYFchain Tokens

Like other things in crytocurrencies world, SKYFchain Operating Platform also need the role of token that will be used to transacting within its app. The token of SKYFchain can be known as SKYFT tokens. Its a form of utility token and based on ERC20 standard. 

The pre ICO of SKYFT will be started on 1 March 2018. The target of pre-ICO is 1.000.000 USD, and the hard cap is 2.000.000 USD. The company of SKYFchain operating platform give 528.000.000 of SKYFT token that can be purchasing at ICO and all the unsold token will be burned. 

SKYFchain Team 

Its not an easy things to make such a great project that expected to help many people all over the world, and if we want to do that definitely we need the super team to executing the mission to provided the super project like SKYFchain. SKYFchain has more than 30 engineers and developers. 

The CEO of SKYFchain operating paltform is Alexander Timofeev that already known by his outstanding experience in developer and engineering project for many years. He also has extensive experience in investment in Russia and global. The vice of Alexander Timofeev is Valery Krivenko. He is the head of High Tech Investment group. They lead other member of the team that have different experiences and expertise. 

Beside main team, SKYFchain also have advisor team that being led by Michael Terpin. He is one of the world leader in blockchain technology and advisory services. Michael Terpin led 3 other member in advisory team. With this composistion, seems like SKYFchain operating platform can successfully reach its goal to be the next level of cargo robotic platform based on blockchain technology. 



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