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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Review: Global Market for Local Data by DataBroker DAO

DataBroker DAO has been broadly known as the peer to peer marketplace, which able to provide internet of things (IoT) sensor data generated by Blockchain technology. Data from DataBroker DAO are commonly used by sensor owners to turn the revenue stream on. A common data from researcher, entrepreneurs up to organizations can be used unconventionally to enrich the quality of life by appending certain services.

IoT sensor market has been reached more than USD 600 billion per year in a global world. All data were enriched by the sensor owner before resold it with higher value. To simplify, DataBroker DAO works similarly with the famous e-commerce company like eBay or Amazon but with different products. Another good example is presented by which successfully put the physical goods are accessible via online. DataBroker DAO does this same work but with sensor data.

DataBroker DAO stated that there are 9 billion sensor that deployed globally by 2016. This number has been predicted to grow up to 33 billion by 2019. DataBroker DAO using a smart contract on a market place called Ethereum network. By this gateway, the sensor owners stacking their DTX token at the same time they place the data. The DTX token are the thing that the buyers used to purchase the access to the data. While the gateway operator will get 10% income from each transactions.

Who Will Win or Lose on this field?

Sensor owners (data provider), gateway operator, data processor and the data buyers are considered as the stakeholders. Sensor owners as the data providers has the right to monetize the data and earn passive income from it. At least, the sensor owner will get 80% of revenue. While the 20% will be fairly divided for gateway operator and DataBroker DAO (10% for each party).

In other hand, the sensor manufacturer are able to increase sales during a short time and earn high profit from IoT projects. However, we should keep in mind that if the we do share the sensor it means that it will lead to reduced amount of day-to-day sales. Sensor providers themselves already gain huge amount of money from software and services.

The Sector which Lead the Business

Manufacturing and Natural Resources are leaders of this business. Transportation following the leader, as nowadays traffic data are always increased time by time. Next, there is Utilities and Government especially from everything related with water like water sensor for detecting the floods,  Smart City Initiatives are in line with the increasing of population in town in order to have sufficient sensors. Lastly, there is Agricultural Sector that need to deploy 5-20 sensors and others automation. 

The Data Buyers

This business has a broadly buyers. For the agricultural, there is National Weather Service or fertilizer companies that needs data from primary source like the farmers. Academic institutions are always hungry on data access and buy directly on the marketplace. Other institutions like smart cities initiatives, public transport, self-driving companies, environmental and energy corporations are the next prospective data buyers.

DataBroker DAO Alliance

DataBroker DAO using the blockchain technology and has been smoothly integrated with SettleMint. Up to now, there are many companies that already join the alliance. Brussels Smart City, Skylark, Yuktix, Identity Mind Global. Iquadrat and desiDatum are the examples. However, this business are facing the lack of data supply. To solve this, DataBroker DAO will hire an experienced teams that will be focus on guiding the gateway operators and push the integration to the systems.

Six Pillars of DataBroker DAO Assessment

For the most recent beta version of DataBroker DAO, there are 6 pillars as the assessment parameter: 
1. First is creating a central point of “discoverability”.
2. Supporting interoperability.
3. Achieving consistent data quality.
4. Building an ecosystem.
5. Opening up new monetization opportunities.
6. Enabling crowdsourcing.

Data Distribution and Storage

Huge amount of data which is generated by the sensors are needed to be stored. Now there is dAPI (Decentralized Application Programming Interface) that is integrate with the leading IoT and the storage vendors does the work. Nowadays, the buyer have the option to decide on where the seller will send the data. By the 2019, DataBroker DAO will work with partners in Alliance to provide a better valuable services. 



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