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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Explanation Regarding the Use of Essentia – Decentralizing The User

Essentia is a platform where every user can have full rights over personal data. Full control over data is what Essentia targets in offering its products. Essentia's services include security and protection of data, information, IDs, assets and privacy. The structure of the Essentia platform, operating in a decentral way, so that any type of user or machine can use it.

In its development, the structure of Essentia and its operating system evolves into a complete and connected system with multiple sources. Digital sources or any platform can be accessed and penetrated through Essentia. With this, Essentia is able to jump over obstacles that limit the authorization of each user. Through their platform, each user is ensured to access any decentralized source or system.

A Glimpse About The Framework

The process of building and structure of the Essentia program depends on the quantity of information each user has. By providing some data into the system, the behavior of encryption and verification performed can be more complete. The quantity of information or minimum value required in Essentia is referred to as "seed". In the future, Seed will apply as data that is connected with other information.

Essentia sees the same pattern and outcome as a form of accessory or user truth. Any user who owns the "seed" personally and undivided, is guaranteed authorization. So, as well as information, "seed" also applies as a program that can be loaded and treated as a bond that proves data security. The use of Essentia can be opened in any operating system or any machine architecture.

Availability of The Framework

Essentia creates their service to be friendly in every kind of place and system. On the basis of that, the use of Essentia can be manifested in various forms of tools, either through a computer or mobile device. All services within the reach of Essentia can be achieved by the tap of the user's fingers. Integration with various services and sources indicates that their platform has a decentralized server.

Essentia activation makes it easy for human life and secures every data from its users. Wherever the user is located and whenever they need access to sensitive issues related to personal data, they can use "seed" as the key to enter into any decentral system they want, regardless of their virtual or non-virtual form.  Essentia also planned some development to upgrade this “seed” system in the future.

Essentia Keyware is one of the services of Essentia that provides convenience for users in accessing the platform. This method is carried by Essentia as a way out of problems or bugs that can arise from the use of a software. Through this system, each user can use the platform separately where there are hardware devices that are connected directly, referred to as Essentia Eggs.

The Usage of Essentia

Essentia is the realization of a vision that the user's decentral nature can occur. Therefore, users can access Essentia from somewhere, with the interaction between decentralized apps in their hands. Essentia also introduces the CLI (command line interface) and UI (User Interface) that allows users to access large ecosystems where various decentralized sources come together.

From the same place, each user can create multiple IDs or sub-IDs, whose properties are still anonymous. Privileges are also granted to users to make use of and use of Essentia services as well. Without having to provide their personal data, every favorite system that they access does not need to be penetrated with fear. The use of the Essentia system also proved to be adaptive, by looking at connections from inputs from outside the system.

If the user usually has fears in accessing the free Internet, through Essentia, the freedom of accessing the internet is a matter of concern. Under any circumstances, any user can browse the internet via a VPN or TOR browser. In addition, as other forms of verification and login, users can also create new accounts instantly and freely within the integrated system of Essentia.

In addition, the use of Essentia may be associated with services that are outside the system, including third party participation. Every item can be rented without having to disclose confidential data. Any insurance or form of security services can ensure authenticity of data through smart contracts management. Users can also share their accounts, or create groups that can access Essentia, even creating rules that apply to it.



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