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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

EQUI, The Individual Investment Platform

Imagining capitalization and funding is not as easy as turning your palms. Over time from the development of the way of investing, the business world is faced with several challenges, namely organizational barriers and personal finance. Investments are generally made only by some organizations or companies that have advanced and formed a joint investment group, known as a joint venture.

Meanwhile, not all parties can make an investment because their funds are limited. Unlike large organizations, some small organizations or individuals with limited funds are often hesitant to invest. This is feared because the risk is too great, or the opportunity to work together in the appropriate amount of investment cannot be achieved. Therefore, it takes a container where various parties including individuals and investment land are able to cooperate with adequate amount of investment.

About The Container

Changes in the world economy continue, and EQUI comes in as an agent who plays a role in it. The building of the EQUI platform provides a container and opportunity for each user to invest in any matter. EQUI is targeting their goal of providing an open gateway in the investment world on an individual level. With that being said, the platform itself are ready to use after the development program completed.

The EQUI platform will drive its platform system in a large Ethereum system, where the token they release will be useful globally. Each token they release will have three main uses that each owner can have, each token owner can use on the EQUI platform or get attractive rewards through investments made on tokens, hold ownership of tokens or settle them, and redeem owned tokens.

About The Vision

EQUI believes that blockchain technology changes all perspectives on things that are digital. With such technology systems, every economic transaction can be done in a completely different way. All economic interactions that occur between parties or between individuals become changed, socially and in business. It is seen as a potential market opportunity.

Many understandings are still wrong in looking at the digital and conventional world. The impression of security, ease, and role in life is still the subject of discussion. Meanwhile, EQUI views conventional views as supposed to be seen as stepping stones, in which merging of two methods can be done. Meanwhile, the market, which refers to people transactions must be opened up to the level of transparency.

EQUI decided that a combination of economic behavior such as investments in traditional venture with blockchain technology should be implemented immediately. Through their platform, the goal of giving birth to markets where funds are collected for brilliant ideas can be more easily accumulated. In this way the idea of many people will not be stuck in the world of mind alone. EQUI believes that what they build will disrupt the way of conventional systems.

EQUI implicitly suggests that they not only have the latest technology-based projects but also contain teams with successful and visionary people. They believe that their every move and planning is a mature thing, and every activity that is implemented in the platform is a form of great team thought. Within the scope of technological advancement, EQUI still believes that people are the main core of the project.

About The Users

The use of the EQUI platform will offer in the form of tokens, which are applicable in their systems and can be purchased. At least, there are several reasons for using EQUI tokens that refer to individual types of platform users. As mentioned, some of these individual types can be divided into three, traders, investors, and holders. Each user will have a purpose and how to use their respective tokens.

In Investors, EQUI explains what can be done with a valid token on the platform. Investors can buy and allocate their token purchases on platform development. Any investment allocation can be done in any amount as desired by investor. Each investor will get 75% of the project profits released. In addition, investor will also got the chance to participate in loyalty program.

As for Holders, each user will hold their tokens in the EQUI platform. They will transfer tokens to the EQUI platform, but have not participated fully in the project. Each Holder will hold things to participate in EQUI loyalty programs. As for Traders, every token that is owned and its use is outside the loyalty program, and the nature of the usage is limited to the exchange only.



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