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Monday, 30 April 2018

A Short Review About Smart Containers

Activities such as daily delivery of goods by companies, organizations or individuals. Large and cross-border deliveries require large container capacity. Usually, the container of such goods is done by using cargo and other containers capable of meeting the quantity requirement. With large quantities of shipping, buying and selling or import export activities become more profitable and efficient.

Besides the quantity, the quality of the container should also be met. Not all items can be placed on the same container, because of the terms and types of the goods. Several types of goods such as food and medicine require special handling in the delivery service. Air-tight rooms, shock resistance, and vast storage areas are a few things to be prepared.

What to know about Smart Containers?

Of the many companies engaged in logistics and freight forwarding, Smart Containers is one of the reputable companies. Smart Containers understands that fierce competition is in the logistics business. Due to this, they are targeting more specific services in running their business. The Smart Containers goal is to provide containers where the delivery of goods such as food and high-value medicines.

As a technology company from Switzerland, Smart Containers shows that they bring services in digital and non-digital ways. Smart Containers vision is the achievement of reliable global delivery standards and meets the minimum quality of service delivery. Smart Containers also does the creation of software as it certainly will support the process of their business.

So far, Smart Containers has made several attempts to complete their project. One way is to make traditional fundraising through their closest investors and partners. The amount of funds they have earned to date amounted to 25 million dollars. Smart Containers plans to continue to offer their projects and open opportunities to invest in their projects.

Why Logistics, SmartContainers?

There are quite a lot of questions that arise about the reasons for the business selection of Smart Containers. In response to this, Smart Containers has some strong findings and backgrounds. From data collected by Smart Containers, it was found that the logistics industry had a rapid increase. Unlimited global market and inter-territory deliveries enable strong connectivity between businesses.

Smart Containers explains specifically that over the past decade, the percentage of export and import values has grown rapidly. They also see that technology trends have an influemce on the growth. Through technology, the logistics process can be done more nimbly and safely, in the sense that the problems encountered can be overcome by its presence.

Technology also causes a boundless world that connects many people. The emergence of trading business, delivery, e-commerce, and others raises great opportunities in the area of logistics. As market activity increases, the need for a professional and reliable freight forwarder is also increasing. Smart Containers believes that the success of their projects is in this business area.

The types of goods targeted by Smart Containers are food and high-value medicines. Estimates of data owned by Smart Containers predict that by 2021, the increase in drug sales will reach 41%. Meanwhile, for food, Smart Containers conveyed that fresh food transactions are increasingly being made in various countries. Demand for fresh food in many developing countries is also increasingly high following the awareness of health and rising levels of living standards.

What’s there to be provided?

Challenges from the logistics world showcase new excuses and excitement for Smart Container. For the sake of existence in service in this field, Smart Containers has made some changes and modernization of their services. Their main products, transporters, innovated with various research and technology pinned on the hardware. In addition, Smart Containers have successfully determined the right materials in building their products.

Smart Containers moves primarily in the field of drug delivery. This they stated by Smart Containers through a product carrier made by the first division of their company, SkyCell. Working closely with several large companies, this tool is able to provide quality services in the delivery of goods in the form of drugs. Until now, it has been five years of SkyCell trusted by their various customers.

The second division of Smart Containers is FoodGuardians. Through this division they believe that the revolution of the logistics industry and the large Smart Containers project can take place. Awareness of the vast potential of the fresh food market, and the various alternative uses of their modern proprietary tools, Smart Containers entered the food logistics industry. Through FoodGuardians, several business agreements with several companies will be made, and production of services will be executed as soon as possible.



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