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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Transcodium - A Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Media Editing, Transcoding & Distribution Platform

The changing of business climate seems does not impact the goods industry sector only, but also in the media industry such as streaming video-based advertising. But there is an excessively high cost of cloud transcoding that makes it difficult for the businessman to get these services.

Transcoding is a peer-to-peer conversion directly from one encoding to another. This is usually done for obsolete or incompatible data to convert it into a more suitable format. When transcoding is done from one lossy file to another, the process almost always introduces generation loss.

The most popular method of transcoding is the method of decoding the original data into an intermediate format (for example PCM for audio or YUV for video), in a way that still contains the original material, and followed by encoding the resulting file to the desired format.

Transcoding is also claimed will save the use of internet data up to 80%. The method to be implemented on the next 14 May shows that these pages are loaded using this transcoding method four times faster than the original page and reduces the use of bytes (data) by as much as 80%.

transcoding is hard to be owned

The companies must pay the high price for cloud-based transcoding facilities, making this technology extremely difficult to be owned. It takes a huge budget to do the production of media files.

Transcoding technology cannot be easy to be used. This is because there are limited hardware capabilities to make the production process. Which resulted in long queues that make customers have long to wait to get the results of the production process.

A centralized platform on one server also often has downtime trouble. This makes the ongoing transcoding process stalled and failed to be processed. This failed process has made costumer waste cost time, money, and resources.

find the solution with transcodium

Transcodium means to give the main shared blockchain based and decentralized media transcoding, altering and dispersion stage with high caliber and dependable computational power at an exceptionally moderate cost. 

This will make a worldwide market for clients, willing to lease their sit out of gear machines to be utilized as specialists (diggers). 

Further, toward the finish of the transcoding procedure, the laborer (processor) will be compensated with the TNS token.

Transcodium's will empower the transformation of media records in a supersonic speed by part expansive media records into extremely small lumps furthermore, from there on will be encoded, compacted and sent to specialists (sit gadgets) to process. Because of the lightweight of each lump, these errands will be exchanged and prepared at a quick speed, even cell phones will be fit for preparing them. Tokens will be compensated to any laborer who finishes its assignment before the distributed timeout.

Broadly speaking, this project has solutions that can be an advantage for everyone.
1. The blockchain and decentralized innovation demonstrate empowers the 3 arrangement of a less expensive and solid other option to cloud transcoding.
2. Because of the boundless preparing power, all on account of the laborers, documents will be transcoded at a quick speed, disposing of long lines and holding up time.
3. A solitary transcoding solicitation will be handled by various hubs and specialists, so the blackout of one hub or laborer will have no impact on the procedure, making it more effective and efficient.
4. Transcoding won't be restricted to sound and recordings just, yet in addition other document configurations, for example, pictures and reports.

token sales

Transcodium expected to utilize reserves got amid TNS token deal for assist improvement of the venture, installment of pay rates and future costs. This will help quicken advancement and furthermore empower the group to work all day with add up to the responsibility.

Token Name : TNS Token
Token Supply :
CrowdSale : 07-01-2018 until 28-02-2018 



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BTT PROFILE URL :;u=1002521
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